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More about Haberdashery

If your craft skills revolve around sewing and dress-making, Alacraft has all the haberdashery supplies you need. For all those who like to sew in their free time or want to take their dress-making to a professional level, Alacraft offers a wide variety of quality haberdashery products. Wether it's elastics, scissors, bobbins, pins, needles or any other haberdashery products we put forward our best efforts in maintaining our inventory so that Alacraft can be your one-stop-shop for all the sewing supplies you need.

Alacrafts range of sewing supplies includes scissors, tape measure, bobbins, elastics, hemming web, fabric combs, sewing machine oil, dressmaker pencils, snap fasteners, shoulder pads, hook and loop, needles, pins, threads, bias binding, cotton tape, rotary cutters and much more.

Different colours and patterns of all these sewing supplies are readily available in our online store. However, if there is something that you can't find, you can always contact us. At Alacraft, it is our priority to give you everything you need to work on your craft projects. After all, we value your creativity above anything. So, take your time going through our online store and stock up your craft kit with all the sewing supplies you may need to design the perfect dress! Just keep on adding to your cart, confirm your order, and we'll deliver everything right to your doorstep.