7 Trendy Window Covering Options To Consider This Spring

Are you on the lookout for new window covering for spring? If you are, then below are some of the hottest trends to be on the lookout for if you want to get it right when updating your windows.

1. Layering

Most window coverings work best when they are layered on the windows and this makes layering a must whether is summer, spring, winter, or fall. One of the trendy layering options is where sheers are layered over window blinds combining the simplicity of the latter with the softness, motion, and texture synonymous with sheer curtains. The layers create a stunning presentation that exudes finesse and flexibility on the windows making them stand out. The combination allows ample light control and complete privacy day or night.

2. Wavefold Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are making a huge comeback especially after they got a facelift; they now have a sleek and more contemporary look. One of the top choice worth considering is the wavefold sheers that give a drape that has a continuous smooth wave that creates a relaxing effect with an alluring elegance. Wavefold sheer curtains have a soft fabric that appears to be floating and can make a room feel warm and spacey.

If you are eyeing one of the hottest trends this spring, then this should be your top choice. Wavefold sheers can be the perfect option for blending your indoor and outdoor living areas while also enhancing the ambience on both sides. The sheers can also create motion and texture. They are easy to operate since they are light; they can be open and shut with the flick of a wand.

3. Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are not technically window blinds, but they do add a huge amount benefits to your home. They reduce/eliminate the harsh effects of nature in your patio area. We are talking wind, sun, rain, and bugs (and birds).

There are a few different options with outdoor blinds, some of which can completely seal off your outdoor area – creating another room in your home.


4. Floor To Ceiling Curtains

Short curtains have become dated and the floor to ceiling variants are the in thing. With the short curtains, you create the illusion of short windows and having a low ceiling thus making the room feel cramped. Most of the floor to ceiling curtains are custom-made to meet the height of the customer’s windows since people have become creative with the size and height of windows in their homes.

They should be hung as high as possible to give an added vertical extension while making the windows look larger, and the room more spacious. Given what they can do, it should not be a surprise that they are a hot pick for spring. With the floor to ceiling curtains, you get full control of the amount of light you allow in and enjoy some privacy. The curtains also provide thermal insulation during the warm months by keeping the hot air out and preserving the cool indoor air.

5. White Plantation Shutters

It is hard to go wrong with white shutters; they are an ideal option if you are in doubt about your choices. The shutters look good indoors and make the windows stand out from the outside especially when placed across the front windows. They are what you may want to get if you are looking for something that adds some kerb appeal to your home’s fa├žade.

The plantation shutters also aid in noise insulation keeping the traffic noise outside. Remember to work with custom-made plantation shutters, preferably those that are handcrafted according to the dimensions of your windows; these will have a snug fit and give an attractive presentation.

6. Two Blinds In One

What you get with these is dual functionality. The curtains are dual roller blinds with a double bracket system hold two fabrics. One of the fabrics is meant to block out the light and the warm air while the other is a sheer to allow you some light and a view of the outdoor without compromising your privacy.

The independent control of each blind gives you the freedom to enjoy the outside view while allowing a soft diffused light into the house and still maintain your privacy. At night, you can put both fabrics to completely cover the window. Given such qualities, the double roller blinds are among the top options of window covering for some households this spring.

7. Whisper Cellular Shades

Cellular shades have, in the recent years, gain popularity as an energy efficient window covering option. Spring is all about the sun and warmth; as such, most of us look into options that help to keep our homes cool throughout the season.

Whisper cellular shades are made from a unique fabric that has a cellular shape (looks like honeycombs) and has excellent insulation properties. The cellular structure aids in trapping air thus playing a role in the management of indoor temperatures by keeping the warm air out and preserving the cool indoor conditions. With the whisper cellular shades, you get fashionable window coverings that also help you cut your energy costs by up to 32%.

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