9 Stages of A DIY Home Decor Project

We have all experienced this before. You are planning a big project at home. It has taken a bit of time for you to brainstorm ideas then one day, a fancy idea hits you, you are ready to get to work.

Here are the 9 stages of a typical DIY home décor project. Have you started yet?

1. Search For Inspiration

It is one of those boring Sunday mornings and you have nothing to do apart from thinking of that corner in your home that you ought to spice up. With a little brainstorm, a loose DIY project comes to mind. You then decide make a cup of tea as you browse through various photos and websites to get a clear picture of your décor plan. This is the fun part as there is much more work to be done in the actual transformation of your living space.

2. Formulate A Plan

You are now very excited that you have settled on some details. You decide to come up with a list of stuff that you need to buy from the décor store. You encounter some problems. Your list is not as organized as you would want it. You make another listing, this time with your favorite pen.

3. Tell Everyone About Your Project

If you do not live alone, it is very important to inform everyone else under your roof of what you are planning to do. Informing everyone about your DIY projects brings a lot of joy and satisfaction. You need to have witnesses for your grand project. After all, you have been planning for quite some time now. So yes, you need to make everyone else as excited as you are. This is very important.

4. Feel Resentful For Telling Everyone

This may sound funny but it is an actual reality in many DIY home décor projects. By telling everyone of what you intend to do, you pile up the pressure on yourself to perform exceptionally in order to impress members of your family and friends. Now, everyone will have high exceptions. But, what can you do now. The deed is already done. Do not get irritated when they start questioning why the project is taking long. You should expect questions like, “Wasn’t this thing supposed to be finished like yesterday?” All you need to worry about however is whether you are doing the work properly.

5. Clear Your Schedule For the Next Weekend

So your project is somehow delaying as you were late to begin work today. You begin to clear up your schedule for the next weekend in order to create more time for your work. But, you have to make sure that there will be no more delays and interruptions to your work.

This forces you to delegate all your duties and responsibilities to other family members. You also reject social invitations to make sure that you dedicate that day to some serious work.
You plan to be up early on that day to go to the DIY shop and back before everyone else wakes and has breakfast. And, most probably you will.

6. Embrace Your Can-Do Mood

Saturday is here and you get started with your plan by waking up early and getting to the DIY store in time. Some may say you look like a kid in a candy store �” each aisle has everything you would like to improve your home.

There is something about DIY stores that make it really hard to get exactly what you are looking for. You end up spending a lot of time, nearly four times the time you had intended, to finally leave the store with bags of everything that you wanted.

7. Get In The Zone

You get back home and you drop your items on the floor. You are now ready to really get started with it. You feel psyched up and optimistic.

8. Put The Kettle On

But just before you begin your grand project, you see it fit to have a cup of tea to stimulate your senses. As you drink your tea, you pick up your phone and start browsing some photos of similar DIY projects and you suddenly come across something that looks way better and you decide to change your mind.

You decide to run back to the store. This time everything is clearer. You know where exactly to find every item you need. You get what you need and leave as fast as possible. You get home and it is then that you realize that the day is almost coming to an end. You try to convince yourself that there is something you can do before the day but you decide it is not worth it to make a mess this late.

So, you decide to push the project to the next weekend.

9. Reschedule

Here you tell everyone that you are not available for the coming weekend. You explain that you are still working on your DIY project and that it has turned out to be more demanding than expected. This is where you hope that no one in your family is actually familiar with the ins and outs of DIY home décor.


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